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Student Manual

Student Manual

Important information for current overseas students

As a qualified education agency, we build individual file

for every student. In this way, we make sure remind

our students to be award of these key issues:

  • Attendance

A student must attend at least 80% of their scheduled lessons, unless they are enrolled in a higher education (i.e. University) course or a VET course within a provider that has implemented the DEEWR-DIAC approved course progress policy.

  • Academic performance

A student must achieve satisfactory academic results. However, often an institution can not immediately exclude the student for failure, and so the student continues on the student visa. In this situation, the students need to follow the relevant appeal process.

  • Current address

The student must keep the education providers informed of their current address in Australia. If the address changes, the student must inform the education provider within seven (7) days.

  • Changing courses/Transferring to a different institution

If the student would like to change courses, she or he needs to advise both the current and prospective education providers and may need to contact DIAC for a new visa.

  • Duration of visa

When the visa is issued, it has an expiry date. It is very important that students are award of this date.

  • OSHC

The international students must maintain adequate health insurance arrangements for the visa length. If student donít renew their OSHC, they will be in breach of their student visa conditions.

How can we keep in touch with our students?

We communicate with students joined us as membership by email, mail, phone call. We will send kind reminder on visa renew and OSHC renew. We also send news on study life, membership activities and small gifts.

Now, there is an easy way to become membership. What you need to do is just filling in a simple Online Application Form.

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