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School Transfers


Are you thinking to transfer to another course or another instituition?

Among the enquiries we received from the onshore international students, there more than half are about:

  • Course transfers

  • school/TAFE/University transfers

  • additional study on top of the completed program

For the students who chose the wrong course or the wrong institution:

If you are unhappy with your existing course or you feel aggrieved about your institution, go to RAYCH Consulting! We will be able to get you back on your feet. We will provide you with the most honest and professional counselling.

The benefits you can get from our services:

  • We recommend the most suitable institution, considering teaching quality, cost and location
  • We will put you in the right direction for your study needs
  • We make sure that your course becomes the pathway to your career

Our service is Completely Free!

Free service isn't our key point. We concentrate on providing you with qualified services which insures your future can be highlighted.

To request more information, you are welcome to make an appointment with us to discuss your situation.

What students should do before they want to enrol in a course?

Students should make sure all the necessary information from the institutions, such as

  • Course description
  • Course length
  • Environment
  • teaching methods
  • Facilities
  • Minimum English language proficiency
  • Written agreement before paying any fee

Value Pack is available now...

  • some students can get a $100 study bonus in cash within 30 days of study commences
  • any student can get a FREE service on student visa renew, the validated period of this FREE service is two years

*conditions apply

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