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Release Letter


Transfers before completing six months of principle course of study

For the student who have not completed six months' of principle course, he/she must provide Release Letter to transfer to another institution.

This means completion of six calendar months of the principal course of study from the date that the student commences the course.

Transfers after six months

A student can transfer without restriction after he/she has completed six months of the principal course.

What is the principle course?

The principal course of study is the highest qualification covered by the student visa.

For example:
Jane is enrolled in a package of courses comprising:

  • English language (six months)
  • Foundation program (12 months)
  • Bachelor Degree (three years)

Jane's principal course is the Bachelor Degree as this is the highest qualification covered by her visa.

We would like to provide valuable information on transfers policy and the transfer process to the international students.

If you are thinking to transfer to another institution, you are welcome to have a talk with us and we can tell you if you need to provide a Release Letter.

We also provide fee-based counselling and services on school transfers.

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