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Can I study in Aus?

Can I study in Australia?

We can offer Free Advice related to your education options and assist you in applying for an Offer Letter. This may include in assisting and preparing your student visa application.

It is recommended that you seek advice about meeting the course entry requirements before applying for admission into your selected course.

Our education counselors are happy to discuss any issues that you may have in relation to studying in Australia as an international student.

What we can do for you?

If you are a high school student

  • Apply for Offer Letter to attend Year 10 - 12
  • School transfers
  • Prepare to attend Foundation Studies

If you are a TAFE student

  • TAFE transfers
  • Maximum credits transfer to Bachelor Degree course
  • Diploma holders directly enter into Master Degree course

If you are a university student

  • Apply for Offer Letter for further study
  • Apply for IELTS preparation course
  • Apply for Professional Year Program
  • Polish resume and cover letter

If you are a mature-aged student

  • General English course
  • Business English course
  • Apply for Offer Letter to attend TAFE/University

We provide more services than what we mentioned above. You are welcome to have a discussion with our education counselor on your situation, your need and your plan.

We are more than happy to provide any advice that may bring you a brighter future

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