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Australian Education

Australian Education Introduction

Australia offers international students a high quality education in a safe and welcoming environment. International students have been enrolling in Australian schools since the 1950s.

Australian education offers the opportunity for students to develop life skills in a positive and outgoing environment. Importance is given to personal development as well as academic studies. Schools in Australia take great care in looking after their international students, helping them to adjust to the Australian way of life.

The multicultural nature of Australian society means international students are readily-accepted by other students, and the teachers are experienced in teaching classes to students from many different countries and cultures.

Some schools and colleges cater exclusively for international students, whereas others have long traditions of student exhchange with other international schools. In many cases, students are able to maintain and develop their own languages skills as well as become proficient in the English language.

As we talked above, Australian education system offers a wide range of program options. As an overseas student, you may attend high school, foundation studies, TAFE, universities or English course in Australia. RAYCH Consulting can help you tailor your study program and provide expert advice on the academic and English language requirement for entry.

To discuss your study options and entry requirement with our friendly education counselor,

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Qualified Education Counselor

RAYCH Consulting holds registered membership with PIER, Australia.

To achieve high quality education counselling and make sure all the information you obtain are accurate which can bring the most benefit to your study, you are strongly suggested to seek help from a Qualified Education Agency Counselor.

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