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Your application can be processed within 24 hours. We may call you to request more information and the documents related to your application. A face to face interview or telephone interview will be arranged ASAP.

You are welcome to make an appointment with us to know more about PY.

Professional Year Program
Super Value Pack is avaible now...

  • Application fee $275 can be waived

  • We will help to polish your resume and cover letter for FREE

  • We will assist you on interview preparation for FREE
  • If necessary, we will discuss with the instution about your situation and make sure you can start this program at the time you expect.
  • We would refer you to attend a group seminar held by the institutions or arrange you an individual meeting with the admission staff before you make decision to attend PYG.

  • For the graduates who have not lodged TR 485 application or have not lodged Skills Assessment, we offer FREE service on applying for Skills Assessment and TR 485.

Saving $890 straight away by applying through us

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